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All our beer is served fresh straight from the cask, therefore it is a fresh, live product.

Will last up to 3 weeks unopened and best drunk with 5-7 days of opening

1L & 2L Bottles 
We treat these with a little CO2 and they will last 7 days unopened and then best drunk over a day or two 

10L & 20L bag in box
Will be good to drink for 2-3 weeks

Click here to learn more about how to look after your beer.

Beer hates oxygen and it hates heat. So minimise both of these and your beer will stay fresher for longer.

In an ideal world all our beer would be kept at 11-13 degrees. However, anywhere between 4-13 degrees will help the beer maintain its shelf life.  Learn More

The emptier your container is the more oxygen will be in contact with your beer and the quicker it will go off. 


  • Close the top vent on your minipin when not in use to allow the CO2 to build back up. This works well until the containers are about 2/3 empty.
  • 10L & 20L bag in boxes compress as the beer is taken out.
  • 1 & 2L bottles are treated with a little CO2 to retain the shelf life when closed. Once opened they need to be drunk over a day or 2 

We choose the packaging for our beer very carefully. The most important thing is that it keeps the beer in the best condition possible. The second important thing is that it is all recyclable. 


£3 delivery to the local area, free for orders of £40; 

Dursley and Tetbury
Thursday (and Tuesday until 20th December)
(GL8, GL11, GL12  & GL13)

Stroud Area
Friday (and Wednesday until 20th December)
(GL5, GL 6 & GL 10)

Cirencester and Gloucester Area
Friday (and Wednesday until 20th December)
(GL7 1, GL7 2, GL7 6, GL7 7, GL2 2, GL2 4, GL4 0, GL4 8, GL53 9)

Do you live just outside this area or in desperate need of beer it is always worth giving us a ring at the brewery and we will do our best to accomodate.

National Delivery
For anything outside local area £7


You can buy gift vouchers, they are perfect gift for that beer lover in your life.

Our gift vouchers can be used to purchase items from our online shop or over the telephone, they cannot be redeemed against more vouchers. Vouchers can be applied to multiple purchases, until value has been used within the expiry date. Purchase here

You can also buy vouchers for tasting sessions aswell. Purchase here

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